Boneshaker Doughnuts, by Lonely Planet

Beginning life as a pop-up enterprise and now in a spiffing new hole-in-the-wall, Boneshaker creates dazzling small-batch, homemade doughnuts in out-of-the-box flavour combinations: maple and bacon; chocolate, marshmallow and spicy Dutch speculaas; coconut and lime; summer berry crumble; and peach and basil. Wash them down with freshly squeezed lemonade. Come early: it closes once the day's bake sells out.

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Boneshaker Sweet Rolls, by Sobremesa

“I was very attracted to the idea that pastry and dessert, well, they’re beautiful, they’re always pleasing to the eye. The only purpose of sweets is to give pleasure. It’s not only sustenance, it’s to make you happy.”

I sat down last Saturday at KB Cafe Shop with Amanda Scott, the woman behind Boneshaker Sweet Rolls. Over café filtre, banana bread, and apple crumble, we discussed her growth as a pastry chef, the all-pervasive Anglo-Saxon influence in the parisian food scene, and the place of the doughnut in a culture which raises pastry to a level of artistic glory...

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