Our Flavors

Our doughnuts and tasty snacks are homemade on the premises. The flavors range from the classic to the decadent and vary daily based on the availability of ingredients. All of our baked goods are served with fresh-brewed filter coffee from Belleville Brûlerie and espresso drinks from 3FE.

We love Belleville's focus on filter coffee and that the beans are roasted locally. We are the only suppliers of Dublin-based 3FE in France and are proud of the excellent coffee currently coming out of Ireland.


The Recipe

Boneshaker doughnuts are raised (yeast) doughnuts. It takes two days to make our doughnuts: our signature dough, similar to a brioche, is made in the evening and left to rise overnight. The next morning it is hand-rolled before each doughnut is individually cut and shaped and left to rise a second time. After, they are fried and glazed. The whole process takes about 18 hours, start to finish.

We make everything from scratch in our kitchen using local French flour, free-range organic eggs, and seasonal fruits and veggies. In addition to doughnuts, we offer a small selection of baked goods, including our famous cinnamon rolls, brownies, and pies.