our story

Boneshaker was born at the beach in 2013. Inspired by a local bakery’s feel good vibes and euphoric fried offerings, pastry chef Amanda Bankert and her husband Louis Scott decided to create a “Mom and Pop” doughnut shop and bring America’s classic confection to their adopted hometown of Paris, France. Boneshaker's “Beach Haven” doughnut, rolled in cinnamon sugar, is named in honor of the town where it all began.

The name “Boneshaker” comes from one of the first types of bicycle, invented in France in the 19th century.


Boneshaker doughnuts are raised (yeast) doughnuts. It takes two days to make our doughnuts: our signature dough, similar to a brioche, is made in the evening and left to rise overnight. The next morning it is hand-rolled before each doughnut is individually cut and shaped and left to rise a second time. After, they are fried and glazed. The whole process takes about 18 hours, start to finish.

We make everything from scratch in our kitchen using local French flour, free-range organic eggs, and seasonal fruits and veggies. In addition to doughnuts, we offer a small selection of baked goods, including our famous cinnamon rolls, brownies, and pies.

We proudly serve filter coffee by Belleville Brûlerie as well as our own hand-squeezed lemonades and juices.