Meet the Woman Who Makes the Most Delicious Donuts in Paris

Fresh donuts at last in Paris! And not just any ordinary donuts. We’re tasting and talking about plump, hand rolled sweet pastries only to be found in the new donut shop called Boneshaker in Paris’ second arrondissement. It’s a dream come true for Irish-American expat, pastry chef and mother of three, Amanda Scott and her husband Louis.


Amanda - Insidr Paris

Bubbly and friendly; Amanda is a larger than life American who, after studying at a Parisian culinary school and having a jolly stint in Ireland, has returned to grace the Parisian population with her delicious doughnut delights. Her business, Boneshaker doughnuts, sells mouth-wateringly tasty patisseries of doughy goodness. Combining traditional French patisserie techniques with innovative flavour combinations inspired by her colourful travel background, your will power will be tested to the limit if you plan on only taking one doughnut.


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Boneshaker Sweet Rolls

“I was very attracted to the idea that pastry and dessert, well, they’re beautiful, they’re always pleasing to the eye. The only purpose of sweets is to give pleasure. It’s not only sustenance, it’s to make you happy.”

I sat down last Saturday at KB Cafe Shop with Amanda Scott, the woman behind Boneshaker Sweet Rolls. Over café filtre, banana bread, and apple crumble, we discussed her growth as a pastry chef, the all-pervasive Anglo-Saxon influence in the parisian food scene, and the place of the doughnut in a culture which raises pastry to a level of artistic glory.